Medical and Pharmaceutical Expert Witness
and Consultant

Dr. Matthew Lee has served as a medical and pharmaceutical expert witness on numerous cases because he is able to provide what few other medical or pharmacology experts can: a complete understanding and unique perspective of the complex issues and dynamics of medical cases, based on his dual-credentials and extensive experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

He understands the complex issues of medical malpractice cases and cases involving incidents with drugs and medications. Given his knowledge and experience in the medical field as both a physician and pharmacist, Dr. Lee is an exceptional asset to hospitals, the medical community, and the legal community.

Medical cases rarely require expertise in one particular field. Often times, the interactions between various factors are more to blame than any one cause, so it helps to have an expert who can analyze the interactions between medicines and standards of care from multiple perspectives. Therefore, not only is Dr. Lee an expert on the important roles drugs, medicines, overdoses, standards of care, and bodily reactions play; he is also an expert on the dynamics and relationships those factors have with one another.

For more details on Dr. Lee’s experience as a doctor and pharmacist, please visit Matthew C. Lee, M.D., R.Ph., M.S., Doctor and Pharmacist.

Dr. Lee primarily works as a medical and pharmaceutical expert witness in the continental United States, but he is available and has served as expert witness worldwide, with past cases in Italy, the Caribbean Islands, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Please visit the Services section for further details regarding:

If you need a prompt, reliable, and qualified expert opinion based on thorough research and solid information, then contact Dr. Matthew Lee to discuss your case and his ability to serve as your medical and pharmaceutical expert witness.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review Dr. Lee’s credentials, and he hopes to be of service to you with any of your litigation needs.